The Mi Shebeirach is the central Jewish prayer for those who are facing the challenge of illness. The prayer includes pleas for both physical and spiritual healing within the community of others facing illness. It is our custom to read the names of those in need of healing at our Friday evening services, and as a congregational family, sing the prayer Mi Shebeirach. The worhip leader also reads a Mi Shebeirach at our Shabbat morning service If you would like the name of a loved one read at services please contact the synagogue office by noon on Friday.

At Congregation Shaarey Zedek, we frequently sing the Mi Shebeirach composed by the late Debbie Friedman. In the video at the side, Debbie both sings the song and teaches it to the audience. This is a link to the lyrics.

There are other resources at our synagogue; 

LifeLights Booklets. Theses are inspirational pamphlets, produced by Jewish Lights publishing, about challenges to our emotional and spiritual lives and how to find ways to cope with them. Each addresses the reader from a Jewish spiritual perspective.

LifeLights also have additional resources for help. Every booklet offers suggestion for further reading, and many list organizations – Jewish and secular – that can provide further help along with contact information. In our synagogue lobby we have a collection of 25 topics.

Gates of Healing: 
A Message of Comfort and Hope. Edited by Hirshel Jaffe and H. Leonard Poller, “This booklet offers prayers, meditations and readings for the inspiration and comfort of those suffering in the hospital or at home. Gates of Healing also reaches out to the family and friends of the patient.  Its message comes from traditional and modern sources, combining the past and present to bring strength and support to those confronted with such devastating diseases as cancer and AIDS.” (excerpted from the CCAR Press)