Other Program Components

havdalahHavdalah. The SZRS community gathers together to begin each Sunday morning with Havdalah and a short story.  Parents and visitors encouraged to join us.

shira;Shira (singing). Led again this year by Moreh Jordan, students participate in weekly shira/ singing each week, learning Jewish songs in Hebrew and English.

tnua Tnua Ivrit.  Begun 5 years ago in Gan (PreK-K) & Alef-Bet (1st-2nd grade) and expanded to students through Kittah Zayin (7th grade) last year, Tnua Ivrit is 15 minutes of immersion Hebrew based on the TPR (Total Physical Response) method, allowing students to be engaged in the language while having fun.

prayerT’fillah (prayer)/ worship service. Students join Rabbi Bigman or Aviva Panush and Shira teacher Moreh Jordan each Sunday morning for an engaging and interactive learning service. Discussion, dance, demonstrations and exploration are incorporated as well as prayer recitation.

librarySifriya (Library). Students continue to have the opportunity to visit and check out books from the Shaarey Zedek library. Many new books have been purchased this year, especially for our youngest members.

interst-groupsChugim /interest groups.  Gimmel – Zayin (3rd–7th grade) students choose a chug to participate in during the last 20 minutes on Wednesdays.  Chugim choices from past years include Omanut (art). Daber Ivrit (Conversational Hebrew), Rikudei Am (Israeli folk dancing), MeschakayYisrael (Israeli games), Shira (music), Drama, “Ask the Rabbi,” Creative Writing and Kriya Clinic (extra Hebrew reading practice). Chugim begin in October.

tzedakahTzedakah, Tikkun Olam and G’milut Chasadim (Justice, Repairing the World and Acts of Loving Kindness). All students learn about and participate in tzedakah, tikkun olam and g’milut chasadim through whole-school and class-based activities. Gimmel – Zayin (3rd – 7th grade) students have a specific mitzvah that they learn about, and then engage in mitzvah projects connected to their focus mitzvah that benefit the synagogue, Shaarey Zedek congregants, others in the Lansing area and throughout the world. Additionally, students are encouraged to regularly bring tzedakah and participate in tzedakah and mitzvah projects in conjunction with and also separate from Shaarey Zedek Tzedakah Committee projects.