Caring Community Program

Our Spiritual Communal Family Helping One Another

Frequently Asked Questions

The what, who, and how..

What is the Caring Community Program?
It is a way for us to live our Jewish values by caring for one another, helping each other in concrete ways and becoming a spiritual communal family.

Who can participate?
Everyone! Performing mitzvot is part of daily Jewish life. In the daily morning prayers, a passage from the Gemara (Shabbat 127a) enjoins us to honor our parents, do deeds of loving kindness, provide hospitality, visit the sick, and comfort the bereaved.

Everyone’s life has different demands and whatever one can do is greatly appreciated and valued. No mitzvah is too small.

How do I participate?
Fill out the form (available here or at the Synagogue) indicating which of the program areas you are interested in participating. A member of the Caring Community Leadership will contact you.

How can I get help?
We can’t help if we don’t know you need assistance. 

If you would like a visit when you are ill, need some meals after surgery, death in the family, etc., or any other area in which we are providing help, please call Patty Warshaw at (517) 351-3570, ext. 1. She will set in motion the group of volunteers ready to assist you.