Saturday, November 18, 2017
Yom Shabbat, 29 Heshvan 5778

Women of Reform Judaism

  1. WRJ Voices: Tol'dot

    We are all recognizing the challenges in our complicated world whether from the devastation of hurricanes, fires, tornados, floods, mass killings, or prejudice, poverty, famines, and the list grows

    Lindie Henderson
  2. History made by transgender candidates elected to public office

  3. When the Torah Calls Out #MeToo: Confronting Our Objectionable Texts

    Perhaps you are like me – stumbling through my days in a perpetual state of exhaustion.

    Rabbi Sarah Reines
  4. WRJ Voices: Chayei Sarah

    This Torah portion is Chayei Sarah, The Life of Sarah, Genesis 23:1−25:18. Sarah lived to be 127 years old; such was the span of Sarah's life. Genesis 23:1. 

    Lucretia Levy
  5. House tax bills includes few surprises, but prompts many concerns

    After much anticipation, House Republicans published their version of tax overhaul on Thursday, November 2.

    Susannah Cohen
  6. WRJ Voices: Vayeira

    This week’s Torah portion Vayeira has many themes to ponder.

    Madi Hoesten
  7. WRJ Voices: Lech L'cha

    The Hebrew translation of this week’s Parashah Lech Lecha (Genesis 12-17) is literally "go for you."

    Marilyn Morrison