Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Yom Rivii, 28 Iyyar 5777

Women of Reform Judaism

  1. First Impressions of Home: Women’s Journey to Israel

    There were so many details to work out - work budgets, social plans for my husband, flights and hotel for graduations, two weddings to plan for - that I really did not have time to think about my u

    fredi Bleeker Franks
  2. WRJ Voices: B'har-B'chukotai

    This week’s parashah combines B'har and B’chukotai.

    Andrea Gingold
  3. A Bridge to Coming Forward and a Pathway to Citizenship: DREAMers, DACA and the Bridge Act

    The rise in anti-immigrant rhetoric has the potential for serious policy ramifications.

    Max Antman
  4. WRJ Voices: Emor

    I grew up as a classical Reform Jew. My parents attempted to consolidate my father’s Orthodox background with my mother’s Reform Judaism.

    Rosanne Selfon
  5. Recharging My Social Justice Batteries

    “We shall overcome because the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Abigail Fisher
  6. WRJ Voices: Acharei Mot-K'doshim

    This week’s Torah portion is Acharei Mot-K’doshim. It is one of those challenging portions when you must dig to find a message for women. Acharei Mot is divided into 3 parts:

    Nancy Marcus
  7. National LGBTQ Anti-Discrimination Legislation Re-Introduced in the 115th Congress