Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Yom Shlishi, 24 Elul 5776

Congregation Shaarey Zedek is committed to helping everyone live a full Jewish life, no matter the make up of your familial unit. We warmly welcome singles, interfaith couples, those in the LGBTQ community, and their respective family members as well. As Rabbi Bigman puts it, "We may come from different backgrounds but here we are a mishpachah, a family."  ~ Click here to read more from Rabbi Bigman

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The Sensational Seniors Tea


Selichot Services. Following the service we present “Jonah Goes on Trial!”

As the High Holy Days approach, we take me to reflect on our deeds of this past year. We make amends to our family, friends, and co-workers and get ready to ask forgiveness from God during the Ten Days of Awe.

Our ancestors introduced the Selichot service to aid us in our preparations for this special time of year.
A family-friendly worship service will be
Saturday, September 24th. at 7:00 p.m.

 During this service we will dress the Torah scrolls in their white mantels in preparation for the High Holy Days.

Following the service, we will present:
“Jonah Goes on Trial!”
Jonah disobeyed God’s command to travel to Nineveh and get the people to repent. Jonah will be brought up on charges for his actions (or lack thereof).

We welcome to the courtroom:
Judge – Steve Goldstein Prosecuting Attorney
Steve Idema – Defense Attorney – Jack Nolish
Jonah – Kevin Kaplan

High Holidays Service Schedule 2016/ 5776-5777

*Healing service. Please note: Due to the nature of the Healing Service and the mood we would like to impart, entrance to the Mincha service will not begin until the Healing Service has concluded. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Please note: Due to the nature of the healing service and the mood we would like to impart, entrance to the Mincha service will not begin until the healing service

The Yom Kippur Break-Fast

Join Your Shaarey  Zedek Family for the Yom Kippur Break-Fast!
Wednesday, October 12th

Please RSVP by October 5th using this registration form

The Shaarey Zedek Gift Shop

The Shaarey Zedek Gift Shop

Looking for that special occasion gift? Not sure what to give?
Need a gift certficate? 

We have it!

We also carry all of your B'nai Mitzvah needs!
We have many items in stock and can special order anything you need, such as

  • Kippot
  • Frames
  • Kiddush Cups
  • Sculptures
  • Shabbat Candlesticks
  • Jewelry
  • Yads

And more!!

HOURS: Sundays during Religious School or by special appointment.

Please contact Lisa Bass (230-0111), Marilyn Ruben (980-3755), or Diane Uhlmann (351-5480).

Coins for CATA!

Our annual Coins for CATA drive is on!

Please fill the world's largest Tzedakah box (a.k.a. "the big jug")
Help us help our partners at CATA with much-needed bus tokens

The Caring Community Program

Our Spiritual Communal Family Helping One Another
Learn more about the Caring Community Program

This program is a way for us to live our Jewish values by caring for one another, helping each other in concrete ways, and becoming a spiritual, communal family.

Everyone can participate. 

Performing mitzvot are part of daily Jewish life. In the daily morning prayers, a passage from the Talmud (Shabbat 127a) enjoins us to honor our parents, do deeds of loving kindness, provide hospitality, visit the sick, and comfort the bereaved. 

Everyone’s life has different demands and whatever one can do is greatly appreciated and valued.

No mitzvah is too small!

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